Flexi RodsSo for the first time I decided to stop staring at the bunch of flexi-rods heaped up in a pile in my bathroom cabinet and actually put them to good use.  My hair is thick and fluffy so I knew it would take quite a while to dry out, and as I wasn’t going to use heat on my curls and it’s winter having wet hair drying slowly made me even more reluctant to do it… but since those flexi-rods had been sitting in my cabinet for almost six months i decided enough is enough;  time to be brave!

Hair Prep:

Sharon Afrorage co-founder

Hair detangled! check!

What you need:  Flexi Rods (I used 60), hair butter/moisturiser, wet- leave in conditioner/soft hold gel of your choice

I started out with dry hair. I simply finger combed it and did not stretch it.  It was soft and detangled so I felt that was enough to have some straight and bouncy curls.  I opted to moisturise each section as I went along; my hair would have dried out after about an hour into the rod set and I did not want to continue spraying it, so with every section I sprayed my hair with water, added some leave-in wet conditioner (of your choice), and sealed with our Afrorage hair butter along the whole length of the hair.  I find that the butter gave me the hold I needed as I am very careful about what gel I use in my hair.


I wish I had taken some photos as I was putting the flexi-rods in, and the finished look with all the rods branching out of my head, but all I was thinking about was finishing the stages that I forgot completely!

Stage 1:  I separated my head into four sections, and then separated each section into the size of curl I wanted.  I kept really big curls as you can see in the photos; also because I was not sure how many flexi rods I had and I wanted to make sure I covered my entire head.

Stage 2: I twisted each hair section around a rod in a clockwise fashion, making it come down in the shape of an ‘S’, then ‘folded’ the top of the flexi rod where it stuck out from my scalp down along the length of the rod again.

Stage 3:  Make sure you secure your hair ends around the flexi rod well, as you don’t want your curls to end in fluffy ends.

Finished outcome: Make sure your hair is completely dry when you remove the rods.  Try it early in the morning if you do not want to use heat on your head so that you have the whole day to dry your hair; but remember it will most probably be a day where you stay indoors, or in your garden! Or if your day is a busy one, use a hair dryer on low setting to speed up the drying process.  I was very optimistic at the drying time of my set, but taking into consideration the cold weather and the fact that I had only started doing the set at 5 o’clock, I knew it was going to be an all-nighter. When I had relaxed hair I slept in curlers all the time so I had no problem with sleeping in my flexi-rods but if you are a person who rolls in your sleep… don’t do it!

So my verdict?  I say for my first try it was a 6 out of ten.  I got tired of looking like a tree with branches in the morning so I took them all out in a rush and then realised my hair was still damp at the back, argh!  So I had a spot at the back where it just puffed out with a little curls at the top :(.   I will get it ten times right next time but I am very happy with how my hair turned out and got to rock those curls like a bawss!

Kinky and curly love,


Finished flexi set

Finished flexi set