This is a review of Yarn braids as well as a continuation of my regimen…

Naomi's Yarn BraidsSince the last time I shared, my hair has been hidden away in long, long yarn braids. I believe I promised to never do yarn braids again – oh and how the mighty have fallen back on their words! Trust me the desire to stop touching my hair was greater than the future horror of detangling and take down , but that will be a post for another day.

So in an attempt to tell the  absolute truth about how I have been treating my hair: Yarn is hot! And annoying! For me that is. I can’t cut it because that will limit my already meagre styling techniques – most of which comprise tying it into a big bun at the top of my head and walking out of the house. I have limited my washing to a clarifying sulphate shampoo once a month because when yarn becomes water laden it becomes really heavy and really damp (wet) and when you are dealing with a tropical African rain season it means damp hair for a few days (more prone to fungus and bad smells). After cleansing my scalp, I use diluted conditioner which is then partially rinsed out. And lastly spray my hair with water and oil. I have been oiling daily and massaging because my scalp has really been protesting the reduced washes and is itching.

I hope to see some length retention after all my trouble. so ladies help me out here: styling options for long straggly braids;  how do you handle itching scalps?

Curly and kinky luv,

Naomi, Afrorage co-founder

Naomis Yarn Braids

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