In continuing our celebration of the beauty and diversity of Namibian Naturalista’s, meet our next beauty Lydia!

So who are you to the World?

Lydia before BC

Lydia before BC

Lydia after BC

Lydia after BC



My name is Lydia, born in Oshakati, bred in Windhoek. I am told I am a little spark that ignites happiness (I guess that says a lot about me) 😉 . I am just a simple dimpled girl with a teeny weeny Afro, I am also what they call a ‘SELFIE’ connoisseur :)!



What is your hair goal and how does that tie in with your hair regimen?

My ‘fro gives me so much life, its like a baby… seeing it grow.  Every time I untangle my braids or take out the weave it gives me some sort of accomplishment. You see yourself thrive in that very moment :).  I would like a pretty big Afro in all states, kinky, curly, coily, springy, mean and happy. I hope I don’t fall into  the temptation of using creamy crack again and I want to hopefully be a natural haired, if not braided bride one day!

Lydia's Wash and Go

Lydia’s Wash and Go

My regimen is quite simple and cheap, the following works very well for me:

  • Organics Shampoo and Conditioner
  • ORS Hair Mayonnaise Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • Styling Aids (Beeswax, Amla Oil and EasyWaves Coconut Hair food). I would however like to try out the Cantu products or Shea butter. I need help on styling tips too :).





Tell us about your hair journey!

Lydia’s fabulous hair!

My hair had a very hard texture and unbearable breakage. I tried all sorts of relaxers but none worked. I would relax my hair and after the second wash my hair would be coarse again, forcing me to buy relaxer over and over again.

It all started in March last year (2014), on a Sunday afternoon when my hairdresser stood me up! Frustrated and not knowing what to do with my hair, the following day I decided to grab scissors and do a VERY big chop. I wanted to ‘scarf’ my head all week despite people telling me that I looked good.  Today my hair is soft and growing day by day; I have no regrets and the hairdresser disappointing me on that day was actually a blessing in disguise!

Did I mention how much I am saving on relaxers now? 🙂 I will probably be a natural haired bride one day!

Do you have any advice for naturals out there?

A friend of mine recently made a nasty remark about how natural hair apparently makes people look untidy because not much effort is invested in it. This was a jaw dropping moment for me, like “Do you even know that wash day can take up almost all day?” *sigh* . Do not let comments like that bring you down. Also, avoid being a product junkie, just because a product works for one person does not mean it will work for you too. Do a lot of protective styling and watch that baby grow. Embrace your natural hair, own it. Be content with the beauty it brings out.

Lydia styling!

Own your kinks, much love 🙂