Trying out flat twistsWho are you to the world? 

My name is Sitali Nyambe, born and bred Namibian girl. 100% African girl! Finding my place among the people of this big beautiful universe and my hair journey is a part of that process.

What are your hair goals?

I have three hair goals at the moment. The first is helping out my edges (cringe); I have neglected them for a long time with weaves, heavy braids and cornrows so I need to regrow them. This is a long process and if you watch any videos or tips on this you will see that it can take months to see some kind of results. What I use on my edges is Castor oil mixed with a lighter oil (coconut oil), which I apply to my edges and nape before wrapping up at night. I do this even when braided.

My second hair goal is working on my ends, I found out after a recent blow out that my ends were DRY! So I have been using the L.O.C method with excellent results when styling my hair. I use water, coconut/olive oil and shea butter for this. Also a very difficult habit I had to start is trimming or dusting my ends (I don’t like scissors)!.

Lastly my final hair goal is getting my hair thicker…if this is possible. I love BIG hair and want plenty of it on my head. I hope that by reaching all these goals I will be able to grow healthy long hair.

Tell us about your hair journey

My favourite hair quote.

My favourite hair quote.

I had to consult with my mother on this one as I could not remember a time in life when my hair was not relaxed. Out of my memory box came the revelation that when I was in Grade 4, I had a sleep over at my cousin’s house and her mother was relaxing her hair and so she decided why not just relax my hair too while she was at it. This memory just helped me realize that relaxers were never my thing!

So after years of weaving and relaxing in 2011 I stopped using relaxers; after a Brazilian weave and the infamous GHD all but finished my hair. I transitioned for about a year (I had no idea what I was doing had a name I was just building up courage to chop!)  During this time I did a lot of braiding and weaving styles.  In January 2012 I finally took out the scissors and cut off the last bits of relaxed hair…And I immediately ran to the salon to get my hair braided up 🙂 🙂 . This year I am 3 years natural and I love my kinky-curly-hair!

Something for you naturals out there…

Its all about the 'fropuff life :)

Its all about the ‘fropuff life 🙂

If I have to be honest it took me almost a year or two to realize what I needed to do to my hair. I’m still learning and that is the beauty of natural hair. You just never know what you will get; whether it’s a new style or product you try. I will share some of the things I have been told. Very important:  Stick to basics.  Avoid products that dry your hair (sulfates etc), use the L.O.C method, protect your hair at night keep it covered ladies, and avoid tight hairstyles that pull on your hair.

Don’t always be about covering up your hair… let it breathe between braiding and weaving, this is the best time for you to learn about your hair and what products suit you.  Uhm…LOVE your hair! This is very important because people who don’t know natural hair will always have something to say (until it grows then they shut up). Don’t compare your hair journey to that of others; just learn from them and move on. Your hair is just as amazing as theirs.

My hair motto is if you love your hair…your  hair will love you back. It’s corny but true 🙂

Kinks and curls,

Embrace the diveristy!