Who are you?

Hi, I am Rejoice Jatamunua a Natural 4c type or maybe just some parts of my hair, of the facebook page ‘Natural 4c, 4 whatever hair Embrace it.’

Were you always a curly girl?

These were my flat ironing days… I have never relaxed my hair before but the ceramic straightener was my hair’s BFF (best friend forever) , I never liked the thought of chemicals in my hair, but i loved the fact that I could wear my hair straight without relaxing it.

What happened on 5 March 2013?

This was the first day I walked out with kinky hair with no straightener effects!

The next weekend I went to a party  and still rocked my hair. Everyone wanted to touch it and some even asked if I was wearing a wig… Awkward.

What do you do for protective styling?

          For protective styling?  In the order of the pictures…bantu knots, flat twists, box braids, senegalese twist updo’s, weaves (Yes a weave is good protective styling and also helps to retain length in my opinion), and two strand twists (Only when I am at home and not going anywhere!)

sss vvvv


What do you use in your hair?

These are products I used that did not turn out so pretty for me…:(


These products I currently use and my hair and scalp love them! 🙂

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Natural hair shrinks! Show us some pictures of your shrinkage!

  Before and after!!!

What is your nighttime routine?

I moisturize, then seal with Castor oil or Afrorage Tropical Hair Butter (which I recently started using),  I massage my scalp with coconut oil or Afrorage pure oil blend and do a two strand twist than put on my silk bonnet.

Any last words for us?

Take care of your hair, protect it, use what your hair loves and just love your hair, the key to a successful hair journey is patience and more patience, and last but not least, what works for you, may not work for me!

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  1. She has a very beautiful face that is very specific to southern africa. Nice interview and of course great hair!

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