Who are you?

Wilhemina Shiika

My name is Wilhelmina Shiikwa, i hail from Otamanzi, a beautiful village in Ongandjera, in the north west of Namibia. I don’t know how to explain what i do without sounding like a drug dealer.


When did you become natural and why?

I went back to natural when i was 16, I am 24 now…I had great influences in my life, and the people i loved and looked up to were all naturals. I also wanted to look older for university, and i thought the big chop would be the answer, but it turned out i had the wrong end of the stick.


Describe your hair texture.

I have no idea, it’s all just big and fluffy…its just hair.

Wilhemina Shiika


What is your hair regimen over a month?

My regimen is simple, i prepoo or pre-shampoo my hair in addition to its normal shampoo, then I wear big braids or twists for curls once a week….I also get a dose of chlorine water from my weekly swim….in short no regimen worth noting 🙂


What is your favorite hair do?

Wash and go, and afro puffs!!


Describe a typical wash day.

I pre-poo with Eembeke oil, or coconut oil…then I shampoo my hair and rinse it with vinegar..I then apply shea butter, eembeke oil, coconut oil and a glycerine cocktail.  To style, I finger comb my hair and then braid big twists.


What are the problems and solutions you found for your hair?

Problem: my ends dry out very quickly. Solution: Glycerin and water!


What can’t you live without when it comes to your hair?

Eembeke oil!

Wilhemina Shiika

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  1. Martha iitana says:

    You look very beautiful wilemina..i have always adore ur hairstyle..everyday its a new thing..keep it up.

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