Hairstyle Experiments:  The Hair Ponytail Bump

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I have seen this hairstyle on so many occasions on so many pictures trawling up and down the internet and decided to try it out.  The only drawback I had in attempting it was the fact that it is hard to do it on when shrinkage has set it and your hair needs a good blow dry. I hardly ever blow dry or flat iron my hair, so I thought I would give it a try.  It simply is a personal choice;  I think in my early days as a teenager with natural hair I spent too much time under the blow dryer or using a hot iron that now I have no desire to even touch or look at one; all I remember is hair that smelt burnt, my poor ears whose tips were ‘kissed’ with the hot iron too many times to count, and a whole lot of pulling.  Mind you I probably was not blow drying my hair properly therefore all the problems; as to doing everything there is always an art to it.  So I ventured into trying out blow drying again for the first time in about 4 years, and armed with more information on how to do it the correct way, my hair came out quite interestingly 🙂 …but it was ready for the hairstyle so a success :)!

What you need:

  • No shrinkage allowed for this hairstyle
  • Some bobby pins the number depends on you (a natural girls best styling friend)
  • A pony tail holder/ ribbon/ or hair tie to hold your hair up in place
  • A wide toothed comb if needed

Step 1: Hair preparation

Make sure your hair  is straightened and or tangle-free; I did this just after a pre-poo and wash so my hair was clean.  Also make sure you have moisturized it with your desired amount of oil.  I did not apply that much oil to my hair due to the heat, which was okay for me.

Step 2: Ponytail

Using your large hairband, ponytail holder or ribbon to hold your hair up, bring all your hair up to the top of your head in a large ponytail.   Make sure all your hair is within the band as you are arranging the ponytail to ensure that the hairstyle is even at the top.  I know some women like to use gel to get the hair that’s pulled up by the ponytail as slick as possible around your head, but again that is entirely up to you;  I personally  have no issues with the fluffiness and baby edges that creep around my hair after a hairstyle; that’s how my hair works.

Step 3: Folding

Once your hair is in that ponytail at the top of your head, section the hair that is the ponytail into parts.  I took a parting of hair the width of my little finger(about 5cm):  Proceed to fold it into and under itself, until you cant see the hair ends of that part.  It should make a little ‘bump’.  Secure the ‘bump’ to the top of your head with bobby pins so that it remains stationary and then continue to part, section and ‘bump the rest of your ponytail.  I ended up with around six ‘bumps’; at the front and around three at the back, then you’re done!

Unfortunately I could only keep this hairstyle for a day, and it needed to be redone every morning so I put an end to it;  I am a firm believer in leaving my hair be during the week and not messing in it too much on a weekly basis, (also a busy schedule and a bit of a mellow attitude would do that to you 🙂 ).

Happy hairstyle creations 🙂

With love, Sharon @ Afrorage 🙂