After fluffing my hair out :)

After fluffing my hair out 🙂

So after my first attempt at flexi-rods I finally got my technique right; it had to do with what I used in my hair as well as the way I wrapped my hair around the rods.  The last time I used only our Afrorage coconut hair butter and got nice tight coils, and this time I added the flax seed gel. (See how I made it here)

Prep time: 1 hour

Dry Time: 1 hour using a blow dryer on low heat, depending on thickness of hair

What I used:

  • 100 flexi rods:  Got mine from Chinatown 🙂
  • Afrorage Coconut Hair Butter from us 🙂
  • Flax seed gel:  Flax Seeds from Super Spar at the Lifestyle Center



Flexi-rods installation-stretched hair

Flexi-rods installation-stretched hair

Start with clean, moisturized, dry and stretched hair.  I realised the curls are more likely to show and give more bounce when your hair is stretched.  This was a very simple flexi-rod set, I was pretty happy with the results. I took a set of hair the size of half my pinkie finger, used my fingers to straighten the hair as I moved the flexi-rod around the hair.  This meant that instead of me twirling my hair around the flexi-rod like I did in my last attempt, I twirled the rod around my hair.  This worked wonders for my curl pattern, which ended up a very large, ‘S’.

Flexi rod installation - almost there!

Flexi rod installation – almost there!

Whole head covered in rods :)!

Whole head covered in rods :)!

You can either air dry your hair using our great Namibian sun, or use a blow dryer on low heat to dry it out.


Dry it Out!

After your hair is dry, carefully unravel the rods from your hair, run some oil through your curls and separate them.  I separated one curl into two to three different curls, then I fluffed it out.  This gives you more volume and more curls.






Right after the rods come out!

Right after the rods come out!


NB:  Watch how much flax seed gel you use in your hair, I ended up with white flakes in my hair from the gel and I will continue to experiment to find out why!








Final Outcome! :)

Final Outcome! 🙂

What has your experience been with flax seed gel?

Kinks and curls,

Sharon, Afrorage


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